40000 Rs Premium Prize Bond 3rd Draw held on 10th December 2017

premium prize bond 40000 Rs

What is a Premium Prize Bond?

Premium prize bond of 40000 Rs was officially launched on 10th March 2017. The unique feature of this bond is that its price money gets directly transferred to the winners account. And no one except the person for whom the bond is registered can sell the bond.

There are already 2 draws held of this new bond. The maximum winning prize of this bond is 80 million rupees.

For further details about how to register for this bond visit the national savings website


Premium Prize Bond

3rd Draw of Premium Prize Bond Held on 10th December 217

Rupees 40000 premium prize bond draw held today on 10th December 2017 in Karachi Pakistan. SBP will announce the premium prize bond draw results on 10th December 2017 to the attending audience at Karachi State Bank branch and will update the draw list on premium prize bond national saving website.

According to premium prize bond draw schedule, 4 lucky draws will be done every year on quarterly basis. Additionally, the 40000 premium bonds profit rate is 3% and it will be added to the holder’s account annually.

You can find the authentic Premium prize bond draw results on national savings website:


Rs. 40000/- Premium Bonds Draws

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