Pakistan – A Country with Nuclear Power

pakistan nuclear power

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the only Muslim state in the world with nuclear warheads capabilities. Amid all the nuclear power countries with their super powerful weapon systems and technologies, does this capability came as cheap or just by a sheer stroke of luck?

Many defense analysts around the world show their surprise as to why a third world country like Pakistan can be equipped with such technology. The answers lie in the annals of history. Since independence India and Pakistan passionately indulged in the development of military capabilities. Although India is manifolds larger in terms of population, size and economy than Pakistan but Pakistani scientists and government and military achieved and developed this mission. Procurement of nuclear power by Pakistan can also be comprehended after 1971 war as it served as a catalyst against a strong rival.

First Nuclear Bomb Test by Pakistan

The Beginning of Pakistan Nuclear Program

Pakistan nuclear program started in 1970s and Bhutto famously declared: “If India builds the bomb, we will eat grass or leaves, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own.”

Finally in 1998 Pakistan successfully conducted their first five nuclear tests.

As of March 2010, Pakistan nuclear weapons are estimated to be around 120, which is surprisingly more than India and Israel. This figure is going to be changed drastically and very soon with the announcement in 2015 that Pakistan has signed an agreement o purchase 8 modified Type 41 Yuan-class-diesel-electric submarines, which could be equipped with atomic weapons; from China, thus enhancing sea and land defence of the country in case of war.

The US Congressional report says that Pakistan has attained the capability of second strike in case of possible nuclear conflict, which makes Pakistan nuclear program as being successful in strategic survival planning and the development of new weapons at the same time.


Presently, the country has extensive land and air based nuclear weapons, with the newest addition being the missile, Shaheen-III.

List of Missiles Carrying Nuclear Weapons


Abdali-I (Tactical Ballistic Missile: BRBM)

Ghaznavi (Short-Range Ballistic Missile: SRBM)

Ghauri (missile) (Medium-Range Ballistic Missile: MRBM)

Ghauri-II (Medium-Range Ballistic Missile: MRBM)

Ghauri-III (Close Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile: IRBM)

Hatf-I/IA (Tactical Ballistic Missile: BRBM)

Shaheen missile (Medium-Range Ballistic Missile: MRBM)

Shaheen-II (Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile:IRBM)

Shaheen-III (Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile:IRBM)

Cruise Missiles:

Babur missile (Cruise Missile)

Ra’ad (Air Launched Cruise Missile)


Specifications of its weapon production are not disclosed to the public. The main series for nuclear transportation is Hatf.


pakistan nuclear weapons

According to the latest reports Pakistan is building 20 nuclear bombs a year which could make it the third-largest nuclear state only after US and Russia. Again some unconfirmed reports allege that such a stockpile is funded by Gulf States and in return they are benefitting from Pakistan nuclear knowledge and abilities.

Time and again Pakistan has expressed openly that its nuclear program is not targeted at any nation. To show their sincerity, Pakistan has offered to sign many proposals with India which have always been rejected by them. In the end, as a citizen of Pakistan, I would like to ask: Why the sincerest efforts by Pakistan addressing its security concerns, prestige, technological imperatives and domestic politics; are not taken seriously and the open violations of peace accords by Israel or India or US or Russia are ignored by the whole world.

chashma nuclear power plant

Chashma-2 nuclear power plant, about 280 km south-west of Islamabad.

pakistan nuclear program

Comparison of Nuclear Weapons

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