Shaheen 3 Ballistic Missile Pakistan’s Latest Weapon of Terror for the Enemies

Pakistan Shaheen 3 Missile test

Pakistan conducted a successful test of the medium range Shaheen 3 Ballistic Missile in 2015 that can carry nuclear warheads up to a distance of 2,750 km. The surface-to-surface ballistic missile can deliver conventional and nuclear warheads in a very efficient way to long distances. The Pakistan Shaheen 3 Missile test was performed in the Arabian Sea and was witnessed by scientists, engineers, and senior officers of the Pakistan Army. The head of the military unit congratulated the engineers and scientists for conducting a successful test and ‘achieving yet another milestone of historic significance’.



History of Shaheen 3 Ballistic Missile

The development of Shaheen 3 nallistic missile was carried on in secrecy and very less information was revealed to the public. The Shaheen missile series is a result of the efforts of the Space Research Commission and the National Development Complex (NDC) division of NESCOM. Some clues were given to the public in the IDEAS 2002 which showed that the design of this missile was based on the same technologies of Shaheen-I. The development of the Shaheen 3 missile started when there was very less technology available for the Ghauri-3 missile and it had to be cancelled. The former president Pervez Musharraf had provided funds to Dr. Samar Mubarakmand for the development of Shaheen-3 Missile.
On 9th of March 2015, the ISPR announced the success of the Pakistan Shaheen missile 3 test that was conducted at the southern coast of Arabian Sea. According to the reports, the officials of the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) and scientists and engineers witnessed the test. It has also been reported that a series of tests were performed to check the rocket engine nozzles before the Shaheen missile 3 test was conducted.
Pakistan Shaheen missile 3 test

Specifications of the Missile:

The medium range Shaheen-3 Missile is an improved and updated model of the Shaheen-I and Shaheen-II Missiles. According to a statement by the military, the test launch was purposed to validate the different design and technical parameters of the weapon system at maximum range. The Pakistan Shaheen-3 missile range is of 2,750 kilometers, which means that it can carry warheads up to this distance. This distance is long enough to target all parts of India including the eastern frontier. The Shaheen-3 Missile can deliver many warheads and this makes it the most capable and mighty warheads carrier. The Lt Gen Mazhar Jamil showed his confidence in the technology and congratulated the team for the successful test. He said that this missile is able to act as a defense against any type of aggressive attack.

Pakistan Shaheen-3 missile range


The Shaheen-3 Ballistic missile is said to be a reaction to the Indian threats. According to Dr. Farrukh Saleem, a political scientist, Pakistan is not in a mood to compete with India but it has to maintain its strategic stability in the region, and thus Shaheen-3 Missile test was conducted for to meet the purpose. The Shaheen-3 missile test fire video is attached above for the Pakistan army lovers to see. The missile can be seen soaring into the skies in a vigorous form.

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