Will Russia Start World War III or is it a Fairy Tale?

Will Russia start World War III

What is World War? Essentially it is the war among maximum number of nations of the world. Historically, World War I and II are the examples of it. According to the statisticians and scholars, World War III is just round the corner. But the question rises why and who would indulge in such a mega event of destruction. Will Russia start World War III or will it be US or China? It could be anyone’s guess when many developed countries have nuclear weapons; many have other long distance sophisticated weapons of mass destruction; many have extremely refined satellite and spy system and many have easy access to far flung regions of the world. If we put all these simple facts in comparison to the traditional art of war then the horrific and terrifying results can be easily seen.

Does that mean our world will not witness World War III? Rationally speaking, we should not. But considering the above mentioned scenario and the events after 9/11, the strategies and tactics have changed. Now the war will not be and is not fought among the nations. Now the terrorist groups are created and planted strategically all around the world. Now the powerful nations send their troops to fight against these terrorist groups. This gives a chance to multiple parties to try out their newly built weapons of mass destruction, to try out new regions as targets and to create massive scale immigrations resulting in diplomatic world war and thus creating a picture perfect scenario of hatred, racism and intolerance world war; rather than getting involved in man-to-man fight.

Predictions of World War III

Predictions of World War III escalated right after 9/11 when the US and NATO forces started their witch hunt for terrorist and that resulted in mushrooming of many extremist groups all around the world. At the moment most of the countries are the victims of such groups and NATO forces actively engaged in their ‘apparent’ efforts to curb these groups. Mass immigration of Arab Muslims towards Europe has escalated the intolerance and hatred towards them by European. Israel is at the centre of this conflict riddled region.

possible World War III

Then comes the Afghanistan-Pakistan region; where Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran are the major Muslim countries but at loggerhead with each other, such tensions are fanned by Indo-Pak relations and the fact that Pakistan, India and China are Nuclear powers in the region. Far-East region with growing military ambitions of China are seen as a threat to the neighbours and the world. Most importantly Russian war games and exercises are posing some serious questions all around the world. Amid all this fanaticism, the US is seen as the champion of human rights, like a big brother helping out ‘everyone in need’ and leaving behind a trail of chaos and destruction.

In this possible World War III stage setting; following activities by some major countries are worth-mentioning:
a) Russia – Considering its geopolitical location one cannot simply ignore the ongoing Russian Military Exercises (news updates as latest as till 15 July 2016). The drills are aided by ICBMs, hundreds of military vehicles, missile launchers, weapons-transportation and even robotic vehicles. Recent tactics employed by Russia in Syria is a clear demonstration of their power.

b) China – The rigorous military activities by China also indicates that World War III coming. The show of power in South China Sea region and East China Sea against the neighbours and obstinate encounters with NATO forces are nothing less than a threat for the world.

c) USA – Will there be World War III? Yes! All the activities and endeavours the US embarked on, after 9/11 are indicative of some big plan. Invasions of countries drone attacks on various sovereign states have only heightened the tensions on the simmering regions of the world.

Will there be World War III
Scouts with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team fire on a line during a course in advanced rifle marksmanship March 21-24, 2011, at Fort Bragg, N.C. The weeklong course emphasized adapting to battlefield problems by knowing one’s tools and capabilities. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Michael J. MacLeod)

The 3rd World War will be nothing like its predecessor. It will surely not be fought against a specific country. It will be and is fought against the extremist terrorist group which are aided and funded by many other powerful countries serving their vested interests. Such global tensions and conflicts might prompt one country; most likely Russian; to react in an erratic way resulting in long and never-ending conflicts at small and larger scale.

The above map shows the regions which will have some impact on US in case there will be 3rd World war. It also shows how the US is self-proclaimed champion of the world and doing everything to prove that.

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