War of Words – or Russia Really Hacked the US Election

Amid a group of decent-looking, well-spoken group of politicians who are respecting their country, their people’s decision, showering love on their peers and receiving unconditional love from all making the transition of handing over the government to their successors in what can be called as one of the ‘memorable transitions in history’ – a transition that has become unprecedented and praiseworthy; there is another underlying activity going on. The other group of politicians is seen hurling accusations at whoever can become a target, planning to dedicate a room for fashion in the presidential residency, nominating the family members to the highest posts in the government, reprimanding the journalists, stuck in the quagmire of controversy of election hacking and misplaced interests. Welcome to the USA nowadays!

The USA, whose decisions affect globally; is facing yet another controversy which claims that the US elections were hacked by Russia. Quite surprisingly these reports came from the US intelligence agencies reporting that secretly Russia helped to win Trump by hacking the election results. Now as the spectator of third world country, this scenario unfolds an interesting drama. We are used to rigging allegations against each other’s’ political parties. But in this case “Russia hacked the election results.”


How did Russia hack the election?

The episodes of cross-statements started when the Intelligence reported about the evidence (which was not disclosed) that the Russians hacked into the Republican National Committee’s computers. Before the elections, Russians also hacked into Democrats’ accounts. This paved the ground for leaking sensitive documents. According to the officials, these were presented to President Obama and other high-ranking officials. Obama ordered to compile a comprehensive report of all the relevant record, including all the evidence with the name cyber security companies; so, that a clear picture is formed as to how did Russia interfere with the US election.

how did russia hack the election

Also, Obama expelled 35 Russians from the country over these allegations. The move was reciprocated by closing down of an Anglo-American school in Russia.

Did Russia Rig the Election for Trump?

This remains the ‘mystery’ question. If one has to believe the intelligence report then it becomes obvious that somehow the information of Republicans was given to Democrats and vice versa, during and before the election campaign. Whether the voting machines were rigged but such information had actually cleared the way for Trump’s victory.

Michael McCaul (chairman of the House, Homeland Security Committee) in his statement to CNN disclosed that Russians have hacked the accounts of both parties which might have severe implications on the national security. In a surprise turn of events, he quickly withdrew his statement. During these activities, Trump was not ready to accept it. He said, “It could be some guy in his home in New Jersey.”

did russia rig the election for trump

Under public pressure or growing space given by media to this event or his predecessors criticism on denying to believe his own intelligence agencies; on January 6th, Trump’s aide, Priebus, stated that Trump believed that Russia had attacked but he did not clarify if they believed in the direct involvement of Putin.

At the same time, from the other side of the world, Kremlin also retaliated by saying that these allegations were only ‘reminiscent of a witch-hunt.’ Although the US have claimed to have identified the Russians agents involved in this business.

Were Voting Machines Rigged for Republicans?

Apart from the Democrats and Republicans hacking, another allegation was that the Russians even got access to the voting machines during the election, which resulted in voting machines flipping the votes. This was based on the ‘evidence’ stated by the officials that the communication of Russians was intercepted where they were celebrating Clinton’s loss.

Trump stated after his briefing with the Intelligence Agencies, “…there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines.”

Robert David Steele, intelligence expert and former CIA spy; labelled this fiasco as ‘political circus.’ All these cyber-attacks and accusations-hurling are normal. It can be the game plan of political parties which might not be crafted by intelligence agencies. He failed to understand the logic behind all this.

how did russia interfere with us election

In conclusion, the purpose of this article is just to highlight the fact that media has the tendency to accentuate events in such a way that can actually trigger a war between two nations. All these cross-referencing only emphasize the fact that ‘information’ in the hands of journalists can never be ‘knowledge’ and can be very lethal for many. At the same time, the political parties are very well aware how to feed the media. In the end, it all seems to be a war of the words. The real actions of the elected government remain to be seen by all.


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